Would You Rather Book Tag!

Book Blitz_ (5)I haven’t been doing many original posts here lately and it makes me sad. Online teaching has been exhausting lately! But here’s a fun tag that I found on A Fictional Bookworm to mix things up! I hope that you enjoy it 🙂

Would you rather only read ebooks or audiobooks?

While I’ve started to listen to more audiobooks, nothing beats actually looking at the words yourself. Also, while I like audiobooks, I sometimes don’t like how the narrator sounds or it’s just too slow for my liking.

Would you rather kiss the villain of your favourite book/series or hurt your favourite character?

Oooooh….this one is hard! I would never want to hurt my favourite character. So, I would kiss the villain but use the moment to inflict some kind of damage on them in order to help my favourite character defeat them.

Would you rather read all the books you want every single month but barely remember the plot or read 2 books a month but remember everything about them?

I would rather remember what I read. It’s something I struggled with now so that would be like having a superpower!

Would you rather read a book you love while listening to an album you hate or read a book you hate while listening to an album you love?

Can I have neither? I can’t focus while listening to music and reading. But if I had to decide, an album that I love because my mind would feel at ease. Reading if relaxing for me and having to listen to something I hate would ruin the experience.

Would you rather be able to go to your favourite fantasy world but no one can see you or go to a fantasy world you hate but everyone can see you?

Well, perhaps visiting my favourite fantasy world and not being seen would be the best option. It would be lonely but it would probably be safer if I didn’t get involved in anything. This is really a difficult question!

Would you rather only read historical fiction novels or sci-fi?

Oh no! I love both genres but I need to go with historical fiction. My obsession with reading really started with the genre and I have so many books based in ancient Egypt and Scotland to catch up on!

Would you rather only read the books but never watch the movie/TV show adaptations or only watch the adaptations but never read the books?

Only read the books! Most of the time the TV/movie adaptions are a letdown. Plus, the books are always much more detailed with fully fleshed-out characters that I become more attached to.

Would you rather only read backlist titles or new releases?

I have more than enough backlist titles to keep me reading for years and years. And, eventually, all new books become backlist books so I wouldn’t miss out.

Would you rather only read standalones or series?

I’m going to say series but what I mean are duologies or trilogies. I tend not to read beyond three books. I’ve been disappointed too many times by authors dragging stories out and ruining everything I loved about them.

Would you rather always be able to guess the twist, or never being able to guess the twist?

Never be able to guess the twist! It’s so much more fun that way. If I always knew what was going to happen things would get boring really quickly. Not knowing what’s going to happen and becoming so invested in the story and characters is what makes reading so enjoyable.


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