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I’m having so much fun doing tags right now! Thanks so much to Read It & Weep for tagging me. Please go check out their lovely blog when you have a chance! ❤

The Rules:

1. Thank the person who nominated you and add a link to their blog.
2. Answer the questions asked on this post — don’t stress it’s quick!
3. Nominate and notify some peeps. 5 preferred.

The Questions:

1. What are your top 3 bookish pet peeves?

  • Cover changes mid-series. Like really?!?!
  • Love triangles or squares
  • Insta-love

2. Name a perfect reading spot.

When I was recently on vacation, I loved reading outside on the beach just before sunset. It was so peaceful listening to the waves roll in. All of the people had pretty much gone back to their rooms for dinner and the heat had died down. The cool breeze was so refreshing. I wish I could read there every evening!

3. Give 3 reading confessions:

  • I’m terrible at making TBRs. I never stick to them because I’m such a mood reader. However, I still keep on making them. I don’t even know why!
  • If I’m not really feeling a book (especially ones with alternating POVs), I’ll skim through parts/POVs that don’t really interest me.
  • I try to read to at least 45% before DNFing a book, but I can usually tell if I’m going to enjoy a book within the first few pages. It’s something about how the author writes…the flow, style and how the characters sound.

4. When was the last time you cried during a book?

I cried and cried while reading The Witch Doesn’t Burn in This One by Amanda Lovelace.  There’s just something about that poetry collection that pulls at my heart. It was the same when I read its predecessor The Princess Saves Herself in This One.

5. Number of books on your bedside table?

Right now, I have two books on my bedside table:

  • The Witch Doesn’t Burn in This One
  • What to Expect the First Year

I used to have a lot more but I moved them to my new area in our family library. My room was becoming too crowded and messy with books everywhere.

6. Favorite reading snack?

I don’t usually eat while reading unless I’m out somewhere by myself. Instead, I usually read while drinking a cup of tea or coffee.

7. What are 3 books you’d recommend to anyone?

Whoa…”anyone” is very broad. I just can’t recommend a random book to someone. I always struggle to give recommendations to friends and family members because I always want them to enjoy the book I tell them to read. The book is something I loved and enjoyed and I just really want them to feel the same way. So, knowing what they like, their interests, etc. is really important. For example, I may love reading fantasy but I would never recommend that to my dad. He’s more of a non-fiction, biography book kind of guy. Also, some books due to their subject matter aren’t for everyone as they could be hurtful or triggering. So, that’s also important to keep in mind when recommending books. It’s just a really complicated thing!

8. Provide a picture of your bookshelf:

It’s a work in progress! I’m still moving books and bookish items from my bedroom to the family library.


9. How much do books mean to you in 3 words?

It’s really difficult to summarize how much they mean to me in 3 words! Let’s see…escape from reality. I love reading because I’m able to leave behind the things that are stressing me out or causing me anxiety. Reading has exposed me to so many different cultures, ideas and points of view. I honestly believe that it has made me a better, more open and empathetic person. That’s why I’m always trying to get friends, family members and my students to read. It has so many benefits, plus it’s tons of fun!

10. Biggest reading secret?

I never DNFed a book until I started blogging. It never even crossed my mind before. However, once I started accepting review requests and going on NetGalley binges things changed. I always try to give a book a chance and will read to around the 45% point. It breaks my heart giving up on a book, but there just isn’t enough time to struggle through something that you don’t enjoy. What’s the point? Prior to blogging, I always stuck to books that I knew I would enjoy. Right now, I try to branch out or take chances on books or authors I’ve never heard of before. The majority of the time it works out and I’ve discovered so many amazing books that way. However, this also means that some don’t work out hence the DNFing.

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9 thoughts on “Book Blogger Test Tag

  1. I am so impressed that you hadn’t DNFd a book until you started blogging! I always tried my best to finish everything I started, even before blogging, but even my ‘book nerd straight a student’ self couldn’t suffer through Grapes of Wrath or A Tale of Two Cities, LOL.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Your bookshelves are gorgeous! What a great tag, I loved all your answers. And I’m totally with you on skimming through parts of books that alternate POVs I don’t care for. Or long-winded descriptions of stuff that I don’t care about, like setting if it’s only being over-described to evoke something I don’t care to feel. Give me story! ^_^


  3. I love this tag! Thank you so much for tagging me. I’m excited to get to it soon. 🙂
    I agree with so many of your answers, especially the bookish pet peeve of cover changes mid series! I don’t usually eat while reading either. Great answers to these questions!


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