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This tag was originally posted on Ariel Bissett’s Youtube channel. I also saw it a few weeks ago on Lia’s blog Lost in a Story. The tag is all about the books that I don’t think I’ll ever read. It’s short and simple so let’s do this…

1. A really hyped book you’re not interested in reading?


At one point in time this series seemed to be all everyone would speak about. I struggled to get through Truthwitch. I was confusing, with an irritating main character and tough to get through. I picked it up and put it down tons of times. Windwitch is based around a character I did enjoy from Truthwitch but I just don’t have the patience or time to struggle through it again.

2. A series you won’t start/won’t be finishing?


I’ve completely given up on the Throne of Glass series. I just can’t read the books anymore. The characters irritate me, the storylines make me angry and I feel like the quality decreased as time went on. To be honest, I haven’t enjoyed the series since the second book. There just isn’t enough time in the world to try to stick with a series that you don’t enjoy.

3. A classic that you’re just not interested in?


I adore Jane Eyre and Jane Austen’s novels, but the classic I have no interest in reading is Catch-22. The synopsis doesn’t excite me at all. I read it, shrugged and felt no pull to pick it up. Plus, there are tons of reviews on Goodreads that say they found it slow, difficult to read and confusing. So…I’m going to pass on this book!

4. Any genres you never read?

I never read horror. I’m a huge baby and gore/scary things just don’t do it for me. I read to escape but not be scared to death.

5. A book on your shelves you’ll probably never actually read? 


My co-blogger Gina really enjoyed this book but I have no interest in it. I received in a monthly book box, flipped through it and never picked it up again. I’ll probably just donate it to my classroom library or give it to a friend.


22 thoughts on “Books I’ll (Probably) Never Read Tag

    • No it isn’t! I feel the same way. I also like to know that I’m not alone in my dislike for certain books or series. TOG was a great book! I just wish the series would have lived up to what it could have been. It could have easily been wrapped up in 3 books and I think the quality would have been there. I’m so over long drawn out book series.

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  1. I read the first Throne of Glass book and didn’t feel like reading the rest of the series. I didn’t enjoy the main character, didn’t hate her. Just couldn’t get myself to care about her. It was a bit disappointing because a lot of friends recommended it to me.

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    • That’s the worst! I loved the characters in the first book, I was iffy about them in the second and the third I felt like reaching through the pages to shake them. But there are so many other series to read and fangirl about so we shouldn’t be too sad.


  2. I didn’t really enjoy Truthwitch either especially with how much hype there was I was expecting a lot more I don’t think I’ll ever read Windwitch either just because I wasn’t that interested in the first book.

    I’m also really happy I wasn’t the only one that didn’t like Throne of Glass that much, honestly the characters really irritated me as well. I have had a lot of people tell me the series gets better but I’m still pretty skeptical.

    Great answers! 🙂


    • It gets better?! Nope, I have to disagree with that about TOG. The further into the series I got the more I hated it. The inclusion of a very aggressive and controlling “love” interest, the killing off of certain characters for no reason, etc. just made me angry. I don’t know….some people really like that kind of stuff but it’s not for me.


  3. I probably won’t pick any of these up either to be honest – they’ve sailed by me now and I’m already in need to lifejacket and dinghy for my tbr so I’m not really too keen to go back and add lots of other series.
    Lynn 😀

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  4. I’ve never read any Throne of Glass books, but I’ve had a few friends tell me that it isn’t worth it, so I doubt that’s a hyped up series I’ll ever get to read. I’m still intrigued to try Truthwitch, but we’ll see.

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    • I like the idea or Truthwitch, the storyline, etc. but it was confusing from the start. That’s my main issue with it. There was really no explanation when it came to the magic system, the world, ranks, etc. It really read like the second or third book in a series. I do want to try it again later. But right now that’s just not going to happen because my TBR is huge but we will see. I hope that you like it if you do try it.

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  5. I never even finished Truthwitch! I know so many people really loved it but I didn’t like either one of the girls that the story was about. So I agree that I won’t be continuing on with that hyped series.

    I’m a baby about horror novels as well and I won’t read them. I do like murder mysteries though.

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    • Murder mysteries are awesome! I’m always up for one 🙂 I actually just finished the first two books in the Dominion series by Kat Ross and they involve some horror elements and a murder mystery but that’s as far as I can go with the horror genre.


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  7. I had to read Catch-22 for school once, and it was so hard to get through. My biggest issue was that the plot isn’t linear. Like, the book starts with one of the last events the character faces, then suddenly it’s five years earlier, then two years ahead, then another year back. If my teacher hadn’t been there to explain it, I don’t think I would’ve understood any of it.

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  9. Ahhh – same here! I can do psychological suspense and maybe some thrillers with a twist of fantasy, but horror is just a big fat no no for me… I completely lose myself in the events going on in the book and before I know it I’m too afraid to even walk out my front door! LOL.
    I always thought YA was going to be the genre I would never read, but with summer now here and so many great releases such as When Dimple Met Rishi and Sad Girls, I ended up doing what I thought I would never do and now YA has become one of my favorite genres. 😀


  10. Oh I liked this post! I like to see someone say something different about TOG for once! I bought the book and have since read some unpopular opinions on it and my interest to read it has really gone down the toilet lol!


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