20 Books of Summer

Mini ReviewsSchool is out for summer…well it will be in a few weeks (thank goodness!). Summer means more time for reading and I have really missed reading or at least having time to do so. Work has occupied every moment of my time and reading has been a bit stop and go. To celebrate my reading freedom, I’ll be participating in the 20 Books of Summer challenge. The challenge runs from June 1 – September 3 and is hosted by Cathy at 746 Books. Basically, the goal is to read 20 books this summer, so about 7 per month.


What other challenges are you participating in this summer? 🙂


22 thoughts on “20 Books of Summer

  1. Woweeee!! Good luck with the challenge! I’m lucky to be able to read 2 books in a month let alone SEVEN! But maybe I’ll like… quietly attempt this challenge too (without publicly saying I will so no one can judge me for not being any where near 20 books at the end of summer xD)

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  2. I was searching summer reading challenge and was happy to stumble upon this post and learn about this one! Best of luck on your challenge! I loved We Were Liars and am also interested in reading Flame in the Mist. The Wrath and the Dawn was beautiful. ❤

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