Top Ten Tuesday

Untitled.001Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. The topic this week is: Top Ten Books With X Setting. Lately I’ve been watching tons of documentaries on the Tudor period and after ARC August is finished I really want to start reading My Lady Jane. Gina loved it and that made me want to jump into it even more!


OK, this book doesn’t actually take place during the Tudor period, but Catherine de Valois is the woman who founded the Tudor dynasty. Following the death of Henry V, she married the Welsh courtier Owen Tudor, which was super controversial. So, without her there would be no Tudor monarchs, making reading about the super amazing Catherine de Valois even more important!


This book was very interesting to read! It explores a world in which Anne Boleyn did not miscarry during her final pregnancy and instead gave birth to a healthy son. How different would England have been?


Poor, poor, poor Margaret Pole, Countess of Salisbury! Everything was stacked up against her. If you haven’t heard of this woman then pick this book up. I admire her loyalty to her friends and family and perseverance against all odds.


Lots of books written about the Tudor period give a voice to the women who were marginalized and forgotten about because of their gender and social status. This book takes a look at the friendship between Elizabeth I and her governess Katherine Ashley.


THIS IS THE TUDOR BOOK YOU MUST READ! Also, the BBC miniseries is pretty awesome.


I loved how this book focused on Kateryn Parr, Henry’s final queen. She’s a fascinating woman because she was a supporter of religious reform and a published author, which was unusual for the time. She had such a tragic life but a huge heart. Read this one!


Another tragic woman…well girl…in Tudor history was Lady Jane Grey, the nine-day queen. It shows how greedy and scheming her family was and how she paid the ultimate price for their political games.


Jane Seymour, Henry’s third queen, is always portrayed as docile and unable to think for herself. This book, thankfully, gives Jane her voice back.


While the rest of the books on this list are works of historical fiction, I had to include this book because it was just so good! Alison Weir has dabbled in fiction, but I still think her non-fiction books are her best.


Katharine of Aragon was such an interesting woman, but sadly is always overshadowed by her predecessor Anne Boleyn. This book is the story of her life and shows just how educated, resilient and politically savvy she really was.

Do you have any other Tudor period books to suggest?

17 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday

  1. This is such a fascinating period of history – I’ve read a number of books from this period and loved them all really. Gregory is a master at historical fiction too! The Lady Jane Grey story is such a sad one isn’t it!
    Lynn 😀

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  2. This is a great choice for a topic, Tudor era is definitely one of most interesting and widely represented in literature. And still, I don’t think I read a lot of books set in it…

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