Top Ten Tuesday

Untitled.001Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. The topic this week is: REWIND! This means that I can pick any topic from the past to post about. I decided to go way back into the archives (2010 to be exact) and the Top Ten Most Intimidating Books in My TBR. Alright, let’s do this!


At 1,168 pages, this book is HUGE! I read the first part, 1889-1936 Hubris, while in university but it took my forever to get through. So much information! Ian Kershaw is really a master historian. He’s one of my favourites and I highly recommend his books, which aren’t as long as this one. *sigh* I’ll get around to it eventually.


Another gigantic book! Just looking at it makes me nervous. SO MANY PAGES!!!


This book has been on my TBR for a very long time. I always plan on reading it but then back out at the last minute. It’s the whole fear of not liking it that always prevents me from actually picking it up. Friends and all of my students LOVED it and the hype is just a bit too much. I’ve been burned badly in the past.


I’m teaching Poe this year in my English class. I have the collection sitting in my classroom just begging to be read. I’ve only had time to read the poems I’ll actually be teaching, but I hope to read them all by the end of the year. There’s just so many!


I was supposed to read this book in a literature class in university. It just never happened because I switched out of the class when another history class opened up. It’s not that long but it is quite thought provoking with an analysis of human nature and actions.


I hate the BBC miniseries from 2008. I’m afraid it kind of spoiled my take on the book. It’s a classic though and by Dickens, a winning combination. I’m just so conflicted!

Which books do you find intimating? What makes them intimidating to you?

15 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday

  1. I actually have Cinder in my maybe-TBR as well, but I’m not sure if I’ll ever get to it — everyone seems to like it and I feel like if I pick it up I’ll have to read like seven other books or something, I’m that left behind! And feeling you there re: being burned before. 😛


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