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twitter-iconWhen I first started blogging I had a Twitter account, but didn’t really use it. I just retweeted interesting links (so exciting I know) and rarely checked it. I didn’t see the use for it. Not a lot of my real life friends use social media. I’m always the person pushing for them to sign up for Instagram or Snapchat. Twitter was like the friends wasteland. What’s the point when no one is going to read your tweets anyway?

Things changed when I discovered the bookish community. I kind of lurked in the background, reading bookish tweets and discovering new blogs. I had always wanted to blog but was super scared. I also didn’t join in discussions because the thought of speaking to people, even though they couldn’t see me, petrified me. Full disclosure: I’m naturally a shy person, especially around people I don’t know. Once I feel completely comfortable though watch out! 😛 This shyness translated to the online world and prevented me from trying to connect with others who shared my passion for all things books.

Once I created the blog my relationship with Twitter changed. I wrote posts but didn’t get very much traffic. No one knew my blog existed so how could they find it? I started off small, following WordPress sites and writing comments on other blogs. They weren’t earth shattering or in-depth but the baby steps built up my confidence. People weren’t so scary. They were actually pretty nice! But following sites and adding comments wasn’t enough for me. All of the bloggers I followed tweeted links to their blog posts on their accounts. Once I started doing this traffic did increase. People were slowing finding out about Rattle the Stars, which was great!

Another way Twitter has helped the blog has been through Twitter chats (a crazy huge step for my interaction with the online world). For me it’s been the best way to discover other blogs, build up relationships with other bloggers and interact with authors (which makes me so unbelievably nervous). The first chat I participated in was #BHPChat, a monthly blog hopping discussion hosted by @thebooktraveler and @Emren. I won a free eBook and gained a lot of new followers. The chat is on the last Tuesday of the month which is sometimes hard to make but the people are super kind and since it’s based on your blog, you get to share your favourite blog posts and get super helpful tips.

Another chat I regularly participate in is #BBTC. This chat is hosted by @bbookrambles and is usually on a Saturday evening and focused on a new soon to be released book. The questions are opened ended, there are no spoilers and knowledge of the book isn’t necessary, and the author usually joins in. Again, it’s great for getting your name and big out there and connecting with other bloggers and the author. I still get excited when an author tweets or follows you back. I’m always thinking: I’m so boring, why would they follow me?

Twitter has been good to me so far. I’ve not only promoted the blog, but met some wonderful people that share the same interests as me. Not to mention the author who I’ve been able to connect with and have full-on discussions with. It’s also helped boost my confidence. I’m still nervous and shy online, but slowly but surely it’s getting easier each day. 🙂 Also, feel free to add me on Twitter @JAtamanuk!

I would love to know about your relationship with Twitter. How have you used it to promote your blog? Do you participate in any chats?


19 thoughts on “Twitter & Blogging

  1. Interesting post. 😊 I had a twitter account about 6 months before I even had a blog but aswell as using it for general fun and banter I used it to tweet about the book I was currently reading, etc and even though I didn’t have a blog I had authors follow me as I’d been tweeting about their books. When I started my blog one of them even sent me a direct message wishing me well with the blog, which was really nice of them.

    Now, with a blog, it’s still a general twitter account not solely book blog related but I use it to tweet links of my posts and retweet other bloggers links to and I think it helps get your blog out there especially with the blog hashtags that trend on certain days and it’s cool having twitter conversations with other bloggers. 😊

    @SarcasticEnigma if anyone wants to follow me on Twitter. 😊

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  2. I’m very new and am just starting. I will try to retweet more. I also missed lots of retweets and comments because it was linked to another site (my fault). Anne pointed it out to me, lucky me! Chats are a thing for the future for sure, first a little more work on my confidence 😉.

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  3. Great post! I also did not join Twitter when I first started blogging in 2011. It didn’t make sense to me at all as a social media platform, and I wasn’t interested. However, the book blogging community really is HUGE on Twitter, so I’d recommend it as the one social media site to use for new bloggers. You do learn so much more about books and blogging there.

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  4. When I first blogging I didn’t think it was necessary to use twitter, but I notice how other bloggers seem to talk a lot through twitter and so many exciting things happened there. I just created my twitter, and while I’m not really active there, I feel like I’m part of the community even more, if you get what I mean 😀

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    • I totally know what you mean. Twitter seems to be an extension of your blog. The blog is where you write reviews, discussions posts, etc. But Twitter is where you can talk with others, especially authors, participate in contests, etc. I just joined a street team and we have a Twitter chat happening. Something that can’t really be done on a blog.


  5. This is a very interesting topic, great post! hadn’t thought about it, but Twitter has helped me out so so much. I’ve participated in two chats and both have been amazing. I’ve also met great people or kept in touch with them via Twitter, so I would totally recommend it as a must-have tool to use as part of blogging.

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  6. I’m a naturally shy person too, so I know how you feel! I had a rough start with commenting and interacting blogging wise at first because of it. I’ve slowly started popping out my shell, though. 😊

    I think I mainly use my twitter to promote my blog posts or just rambled out whatever I’m thinking at the moment I pull the app up on my phone lol. I haven’t participated in a chat yet, though, I saw one going on last night but my computer was having a meltdown that I was trying to fix so I missed it. I’ll definitely have to look into joining one at one point because they seem like so much fun!

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      • I feel like twitter is easier because it’s so straightforward and only a short few sentences. Blog posts are longer and take time to read and think of a good response.

        Yes, baby steps! They’re always great. 😊

        Same here. Life has been killing my blogging game a bit. If only there was more time in the day!

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