Liebster Award – Gina



Thank you “The Jouska” for the nomination!!!! This is the first time I answer this by myself!!! I am so excited to have started this project with my friend Jacquie!

Here I go……..!!!!

1.What do you love most about blogging?

I love the thrill of finishing a book and be able to share my thoughts online. Having people to share or comment on reviews is just amazing!!!

2.What’s your all-time favourite movie?

I am a huge Disney fan and The Beauty and the Beast is by far my fave movie.

giphy (3).gif

3. Which book makes you laugh out loud?

Wow!! I can’t think about one. I have laughed with many, recently with GIRL against UNIVERSE and THE HUNDRED LIES OF LIZZIE LOVETT.

4. What’s the one thing you carry around with you everywhere you go?

My iPad and a small notebook! Every time I have a spare time….. I read or just wonder around online.!!! I usually read a lot during my cardio session in the gym! LOL

giphy (2).gif

5. What’s your star sign?

I am an Aries!!.. Ohhh and btw,  I am a beginner astrologer!!! Love it!!

6. What’s the most heavenly dessert you’ve ever eaten?

My bestie  ……. Tiramisu!!

7.Are you more laid-back or up-to-date with your style?

Definitely a laid-back!!!!

8. Would you rather direct a film or write a book?

I rather direct a film !

9. Out of all the countries you’ve visited so far, which one do you consider to be the most beautiful?

Mexico is amazing!!!! and Japan too!

10.Would you rather watch a new TV show or re-watch an old one?

New Tv show!

11.If you could choose one word to describe yourself, what would it be?


giphy (4).gif

My nominees are just 7!!! I am still in the process of “following” bloggers!

Wonderless Reviews

Comma Hangover

A Shelf of Dreams and Tales

J Belk Books

Little Dutch Bookshop

Carries Book Reviews

Fabled Haven

My Questions!!!!

  1. What book genre haven’t you tried yet?
  2. What  is your favorite picture , emoji, meme, or gif?
  3. Are you a cat or dog person?
  4. Which  “based on a novel “movie best represents the book?
  5. How do you set your environment to read? (music, tea, coffee, candles…)
  6. Would you be a villain or “save the day” character?
  7. Have you ever taken too long to read an ARC? Which one?
  8. What is your best time to read?
  9. Are you a paperback or ebook reader?
  10. Do you have a secret talent or hobby nobody knows about? Which one?
  11. Which book or book series became an obsession?

The Rules:

  1. Post the award on your blog.
  2. Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you.
  3. Answer the questions assigned to you.
  4. Nominate 11 deserving bloggers for the award.
  5. Ask 11 questions to your nominees.


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