June #AYearAThon: LGBTQQIAAP+ (Day 1)

123987Today was the first day of June edition of  #AYearAThon, a group on Goodreads. Each month this group hosts a read-a-thon based on a different topic. This edition will run from June 6-12 and focuses on LGBTQQIAAP+ books.

So, today I started and finished Unicorn Tracks by Julia Ember. I saw this book when it was originally offered on NetGalley and didn’t request it. I then regretted not getting it. I really liked its mixture of reality and mythical creatures. Oh, and the romance? Slow burning, tender and utterly beautiful. Well done Ms. Ember. I want more now please! ♥️

Books started: 1
Books completed: 1
Pages read: 160

Tomorrow, I plan on starting Huntress by Malinda Lo. 🙂


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