Bookish Bingo: Update

bookish-bingo1-1024x261From March to May, Bekka from Pretty Deadly Reviews is hosting a round of Bookish Bingo. The whole point is to get as many bingos as possible. The more bingos, the more giveaway entries. All types of books (fiction, non-fiction, novellas) count, but you can only have one square per book.

My Progress:
The challenge end very soon and I’m happy to be able to check off a few more categories.

  • Set in More Than One Country: For this category I read Wolf by Wolf by Ryan Graudin. The story starts in Germany, but progresses through Africa and the Middle East before ending in Japan.
  • Characters Are Not Human: Mermaids and mermen (merpeople?) are the main characters in Josie Demuth’s A Thousand Salt Kisses. Yes, merpeople are half human, but they still count right?
  • Number in the Title: A few weeks ago for the Bout of Books read-a-thon I read The First Star to Fall by Diana Peterfreund. It’s a novella from the For Darkness Shows the Stars duology and set between the two books, but was kind of confusing.
  • Metallic Lettering: And I Darken by Kiersten White has beautiful and bold metallic letters on its cover. The whole cover is a challenge with the main character Lada glaring at you with her war paint on. I love it!


UPDATE: So, I was able to complete 19 squares. Not bad for my first ever round of Bookish Bingo! Bring on the summer version! 🙂


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