OwlCrate & Uppercase Boxes


Yes, it’s late but I still thought I’d post about my OwlCrate and Uppercase subscription boxes!

For those of you unfamiliar with OwlCrate, it is a monthly YA subscription box that features a newly released book as well as 3-4 bookish items that are set around a theme. The theme for April was “Dystopia”. This is what the box contained:

Again, not a book I would have chosen for myself. I have heard a lot of negative things about Flawed, but I will eventually give it a read to judge for myself. After another lack luster box, I’ve decided to cancel my OwlCrate subscription. Next month’s box will be the final one that I’ll receive. I just can’t justify continuing to pay for a box that I’m not totally enjoying. Does anyone else feel the same?

Uppercase is also a young adult book-of-the-month subscription box. You receive a recently published YA novel and some additional book-related items. This month the box (or cloth bag) contained:

I love Uppercase more and more each month! First, the book is signed. It’s honestly not one that I had heard of before, but the blurb on the back makes it sound like something I’m going to really like. And…so much Harry Potter goodness!! The bookmarks are adorable and the quote and totally go up in my classroom. I’m really looking forward to the box next month!


14 thoughts on “OwlCrate & Uppercase Boxes

  1. How much is Uppercase per month? I’ve been looking into subscribing to a YA book subscription box, but my paychecks aren’t much and college is just around the corner!


  2. I like the idea of subscription boxes but haven’t ever gotten one because it’s not financially viable for me right now. I love the selection of things you got this month. It must be so fun to be surprised!


  3. There was a tattoo in the Owlcrate box?? I seem to have missed something 😉 Oops~ I feel the same about the April Owlcrate–the book doesn’t really strike me as something that I’m going to enjoy, but maybe it’ll surprise me. It’s actually the reason I canceled my OC (although I do have the May one coming because I can’t resist steampunk) as well as the cost of shipping internationally. I felt that it was worth it for the March box, but the April one fell short.


    • Yeah, the tattoo was tucked in the front cover of the book. I nearly missed it myself! I’m hoping the next one makes me regret canceling my subscription. I guess I’ll have to wait and see. And I agree, the March box was pretty good. I haven’t read The Serpent King yet, but I’ve heard amazing things about it. April was meh.


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