Bookish Mixes

bookishmixesTwo of my favourite things are books and music. When they come together it’s pure heaven. Many authors have described how they write either with music in the background to set the mood or use it as a tool to help plan out their novels. For readers, music can remind them of a scene from a book or add further meaning to an emotion or event. Spotify and 8tracks have some fantastic book inspired playlists. Each week I plan on sharing a playlist that I have made as well as some of my personal favourites.

This week’s focus is on my favourite book of 2015, Six of Crows by Leigh Bardrugo. It’s basically about an impossible heist that thrusts a groups of criminal misfits together. Leigh could write about anything and I would probably love it. The characters and setting are vibrant and stunning. The darkish criminal underworld feeling of the book, from the bustling streets of Ketterdam to the snow and ice in Fjerda, is perfectly captured in these playlists.


What do you think of these playlists? Do you have any others to suggest?



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