Bookish Bingo Readathon Progress III

bookish-bingo1-1024x261From March to May, Bekka from Pretty Deadly Reviews is hosting a round of Bookish Bingo. This week is all about the readathon, which will run from April 3rd – April 9th.

Day 4:

I’m madly in love with Starflight and completely absorbed by its characters and the are they/why haven’t they romance. But since I have focused all of my spare time on reading it  I have completely neglected The Book of Esther. I’m still at 40%, so no progress whatsoever there.

Day 5:

I can now cross Starflight off my list! That’s the second book I’ve finished for the readathon. I’m actually quite pleased with myself because I have been very busy with work and haven’t had the amount of time to read that I would’ve liked. What can I say about Starflight? Amazing! Fun! I want to rewatch every Firefly episode and jump on a ship into space. Basically, I liked it a lot!

Mini-Challenge #3: Book Spine Poetry


It’s the fault in our stars

That left me scarlet.

First they killed my father,

Those angels on sunset boulevard.

I am a legend. 

Follow my starflight.

Bingo squares used: 
Set in More Than One Country: The Fault in Our Stars by John Green
Retelling: Scarlet by Marissa Meyer
Non-Fiction: First They Killed My Father by Loung Ung
Ugly Cover: Angels on Sunset Boulevard by Melissa de la Cruz
Second Chance: Legend by Marie Lu
Set in Space: Starflight by Melissa Landers


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