Blogging Extravaganza!

Blogging Extravaganza

Blogging extravaganza is a month-long challenge hosted by Rachel from Beauty and the Bookshelf! All the details can be found here.

Prompt: Bash That Book! Have you ever heard of it being therapeutic to write a nasty, venting email to someone who’s bothering you, but without actually sending the email? Then this post is for you. Maybe you hated a book, or you loved a book or series but one thing in it just pissed you off. Write a “review”–or unfiltered letter or whatever–to that book–but remember, you’re not supposed to send it–but you’re going to post it. Your challenge: to write your book bash without naming the book or any parts of the book that would obviously give away what that book is.

So, I can’t name names, but there was a book that I read this past December that made me so angry! I basically bought into the hype surrounding it. The series was constantly appearing on my Twitter feed and it had a prime display space at Barnes and Noble. I couldn’t escape it. It had fantasy, magic, epic battle scenes, everything I LOVE in a book. But nope…NOPE! It was my biggest disappointment of 2015.

How I felt a Few Chapter In


The Characters



The Incestuous Relationship


The Writing



As It Dragged On




Ok, so this isn’t a letter, but if I truly put into words how I felt about this particular book I wouldn’t be able to keep plot details, character names or whatever under wraps. It’s just easier this way.

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