December OwlCrate

e940a7aaec0b421e931a3b6877ded904I just received my December OwlCrate box today after a few delivery difficulties around Christmas time. I was so worried when it wasn’t delivered, but the lovely people at OwlCrate made sure it got to me quickly after the issue had been resolved. Thank you Korrina!

For those of you unfamiliar with OwlCrate, it is a monthly YA subscription box that features a newly released book as well as 3-4 bookish items that are set around a theme. The theme for December was “Get Inspired”. This is what the box contained:

I am really excited to use the candle (it’s a mixture of chocolate and coffee, two of my favourite things) and read the novel. I used to read tons of historical fiction but stopped when my students got me hooked on YA fantasy novels. It will be nice to change things up a bit.


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